Recent Press

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2020 Ravines Press

Forbes | Giving Cinderella Her Due: A Look at Cabernet Franc (December 2020)

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Wine Business Monthly | Finger Lakes Winery Grows From European Roots – click and scroll to pages 160-163 (Jan. 2020)

2019 Ravines Press

VinePair | The 50 Best Wines of 2019 (Dec. 2019)

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St Louis Post Dispatch | Wine Finds: Dry Riesling from New York and Australia (Sept. 2019)

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Wine Searcher | Finger Lakes Point to a New Direction (Aug. 2019)

Vinepair | Ravines Wine Cellars ‘Maximilien’ 2014, Finger Lakes, N.Y. (Aug. 2019)

Financial Times | Glacial recognition: the polar-chilled wines of Ontario and Finger Lakes (Aug. 2019)

Vincurian | Ravines Cabernet Franc, Finger Lakes, NY (Aug. 2019)

Edible Finger Lakes | The In Crowd: Wine Clubs in the FLX (Aug. 2019)

Wine Spectator | 9 Star-Spangled Awesome Wines for July 4 (July 2019)

Heroes of Riesling | Ravines Wines – The Driest Finger Lakes Rieslings (July 2019)

Boston Globe | Enjoy the Bright Delights of Versatile Riesling (July 2019)

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2018 and earlier Ravines Press

New York Upstate | Top Upstate NY sparkling wines for your New Year celebration (2018)

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The Post Standard and | Winetasting: You want Fries with That Riesling? (Video) (2017)

Democrat and Chronicle | Next Napa? Winemakers See Finger Lakes as Land of Opportunity (2017)

Wine Spectator | Top 100 Wines of the Year
(Ravines Dry Rieslings’ made the annual lists in 2016, 2015, 2013, 2011)

New York Times | The are No Wrong Thanksgiving Wines (Ravines Pinot Noir) (2016)

Vinous Media | Finger Lakes Rising (2016)

Thrillist | America’s Best Wine Regions to Visit, Ranked by Sommeliers (2016)

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Democrat and Chronicle | Ravines Wine Cellars to Add Tasting Bar for Hedonist Chocolates (2011)

New York Times | A Year of Acquired Tastes (2011)

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