“Heroes of Riesling” features Ravines Wine Cellars on their Internationally Acclaimed Blog


Ravines Wine Cellars was written in an in-depth feature in a recent blog post by Heroes of Riesling. With over 60,000 riesling followers from around the world, publication owners Christian Müller and Sandra Fehr, love and report on the varietal from Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg in Germany and from their wine travels to all famous riesling regions around the globe.

The article, written by Sandra Fehr, compliments the minerality and unique aging abilities of Ravines’ Dry Rieslings. She writes, “If you love dry wines this is the place to be. We spend quite some time with Morten in his tasting room. First, we did barrel tastings of the 2018 vintage – very good Rieslings are waiting to be bottled. Then, we tried the 2016 and 2017 vintages where you already got a good idea of how much potential is waiting here. Especially the Argentsinger vineyard offers a complexity that can easily be compared to the German Grosses Gewächs or the French Grand Cru level. Deep, crisp, elegant and super mineralic.”

To read the article titled Ravines Wines–The driest Finger Lakes Rieslings and to see tasting notes for different years of our Riesling wines, please check it out here.